The Summer I Stopped Whining

Kirsti Gholson

dreamy happy-sad poetic pop...

This album was previously released in 2011 under the alias, "little green blackbird"*. To make all of Kirsti's music available in one place, it had to be re-released under her name. Makes for less confusion!

From the Wizard of Oz to melting ice caps, singer/songwriter Kirsti Gholson (under the name little green blackbird*) weaves stories of love and loss from curious and enchanting points of view. "...The production and arrangements here are inventive and impeccable, and Gholson’s sweet voice is gorgeous, emotional and flexible. Even better are her well-crafted songs about life and love that dig far deeper then most..."
- David Malachowski, The Daily Freeman

A slew of fabulous musicians helped make "the summer I stopped whining" possible: Kyle Esposito, Manuel Quintana, Jerry Marotta, Sera Smolen, Chris Joyner, Erik Hammarberg, Alison Ruben Bitz, Jane Scarpantoni, Lou Pappas, Vincent Bruzzese, Jouney Blue Heaven, Tom Mank and Barrie Maguire as well as the amazing talent of Julie Last and Barrie Maguire who produced the album with Kirsti.

*The little green blackbird is a character from a book of poems by Kenneth Patchen titled, "Because It Is".

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